Office Space Fitting-out

Fitting-Out Costs

Various factors determine costing. Unit size, layout complexity, and quality of materials used and technical requirements of different business types affect company’s budget. Fitting-out costs for all additions and alterations works, furniture, materials, professional consultant’s fees (not including designers‘ fees), may be grouped as follows :

Low range S$30 to S$60 per sqft ($320 to $650 per sqm)

Medium range S$70 to S$90 per sqft ($750 to $970 per sqm)

High range S$100 per sqft ($1,080 per sqm & above)

For more accurate cost evaluation, tenants are advised to seek expertise of office space interior designers and/or architects. They are responsible for submitting applications to relevant authorities for approval like URA, BCA, FSB, etc.

Estimated Break-Down
Expenditures Est % Sub-total
(Per sqft)
1. Fittings & Fixtures
Partitions (Gypsum Board/Glass), Wall Painting & Covering Works, Ceiling Finishes, Door, Frame, Glass, Flooring (Eg. Carpet, timber)
30% S$ 9
2. System Furniture
Work stations (Customise/Loose),Storage (Filing/Cabinet), Conference Area Furniture, Pantry Equipment & Cabinet
30% S$ 9
3. Mechanical & Electrical Services
Work Stations (Customise/Loose), Storage (Filing/Cabinet), Conference Area furniture, Pantry Equipment & Cabinet
30% S$ 9
4. Other Expenses
Plumbing Works, Blinds/Planting/Design, Signage, Consultancy Fees, M & E, Architects/Structural, Insurance & Initial Down payment
10% S$ 9
Estimated Total Cost 100% S$ 30

Time Frame

The time taken for fitting-out work depends on size of office space:
Up to 1,000 sqft (93 sqm) 2 -4 weeks
2,000 to 5,000 sqft (186 to 465 sqm) 6 -8 weeks
6,000 to 10,000 sqft (557 to 929 sqm) 10 -12 weeks

Renovation Deposit

Renovation deposit (ranges from S$1000 to S$5000) is paid to the Landlord before any contractor’s work can be carried out within the rented premises. This is to defray any costs of rectifying any damages done to the building caused by tenant’s contractors. The renovation deposit is refundable upon completion of renovations, less any deductions.

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