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Office Space Reinstatement

Reinstatement Clause

This Clause is usually contained in all commercial or office lease agreement. It stipulates that Tenant is required to reinstate the premises to its original condition at the end of the lease. On average, it costs about S$5 to S$15 per sqft (S$54 -S$161 per sqm) to reinstate the whole office premises to its original condition.

This clause looks somewhat like the sample in the following:

“… in addition to the foregoing and immediately prior to the expiration or earlier determination of the Term and if required by the Landlord to reinstate repaint and/or repaper the Premises to its original state and condition to the satisfaction of the Landlord and if the Tenant shall fail to reinstate and/or repaint the Premises as aforesaid the Landlord may reinstate and/or repainting Provided Always that where the Landlord requires any alteration or addition made installed or fixed by the Tenant in at or about expiration or sooner determination of the Term. For avoidance of doubt the Tenant may remove furniture and chattels belonging to the Tenant from the Premises. Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing, if required by the Landlord, to reinstate the Premises to its original condition to the Landlord’s satisfaction…”

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