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Sub-lease Tenancy

Excessive space scenarios might occur during the lease term due to certain business organizational changes that leads to downsizing. We can help existing tenant to procure a suitable sub-tenant to take on this excessive space. Conversely we can help existing tenant to procure additional space in the event of upsizing.

Replacement Tenancy

Should there be an intention to terminate your lease prematurely during your lease term due to some unforseen circumstances, we can undertake the responsibility of searching for a suitable replacement tenant. This is normally practised in such scenarios, to avoid unnecessary legal fallouts due to lease pre-termination.

Other Real Estates

Our Other Real Estate Services

  • Private Landed & Non-landed Residential Sales and Leasing
  • HDB Sales and Leasing
  • Local Project Marketing

Our Value-added Services (Optional):

  • Office Space Planning and Design
  • Office Movers and Logistics Transport
  • Legal Commercial Consultancy
  • Telecommunications and Systems Integration
  • Office System Furniture Supplier


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